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Response Plans and Guidelines

CDC Guidelines for WNV Surveillance, Prevention, and Control

Addendum to CDC Guidelines for WNV Surveillance, Prevention, and Control:  Considerations for Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza While Conducting WNV Surveillance

Reporting and Follow-Up of West Nile Virus-Infected Blood Donors

Guidelines for Human Testing and Surveillance Within the Regional Public Health Laboratory Network

California Mosquito-borne Virus Surveillance and Response Plan

Operational Plan for Emergency Response to Mosquito-borne Disease Outbreaks

West Nile Virus Preparedness Checklist for Regions Without Organized Mosquito Control

West Nile Virus Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Long-term Care Facilities

Mosquito Control by Public and Private Entities in California: Questions and Answers

Avian Influenza Information

Avian Influenza Surveillance Procedure Manual


VecTest and RAMP:

Avian VecTest and RAMP Form

Public Health Lab Avian VecTest, RAMP, and PCR Form

Mosquito Pool VecTest and RAMP Form

2006 Surveillance Forms:

2006 Surveillance Order Form

2006 Agency and Site Registration Form

MBVS-1: Surveillance Site Registration

MBVS-2: Sentinel Chicken Form

MBVS-3: Mosquito Pool Submissions

Adult Mosquito Trap Forms:

CO2 Baited EVS Traps

Gravid Traps

New Jersey Light Traps


Instructions for Processing Mosquitoes for Arbovirus Surveillance

Instructions for Processing Sentinel Chicken Blood Samples


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