Report a Dead Bird

You can submit a dead bird report to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) year-round using the online form below, or you can call and report a dead bird to the WNV Call Center from April to October. The video and steps below provide an overview of the dead bird reporting process and what to expect when you report a dead bird. Your reports help CDPH track WNV in California – thank you!

Reporting a Dead Bird Online

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How to Report a Dead Bird

1. Find a Dead Bird

Check the bird for ants, maggots, or any other signs that the bird is rotting. Note the address where you found the bird. Try to figure out how long the dead bird has been in that area.

2. Call or Report Online

Call the WNV Call Center at 1-877-WNV-BIRD or file a report online. The WNV Call Center staff will tell you how to prepare the bird for pickup or to safely dispose of it.

3. Prep Bird

Using gloves, place the bird in a plastic bag and label the outside with "Dead Bird".

4. Secure for Pickup

Place the dead bird in an area away from direct sun and where it can be picked up by your local mosquito control agency.